I love this product and results: Not only does it protect my 911 Turbo, keep it bright and shiny, all those small scratches and swirls are gone. Chris is very good at what he does and is a super nice guy, to top it off.

If you like the look of your car and want it to stay that way, spend the dollars… I will put the ceramic coating on every car I own. Thanks, Chris

John H 3/2018

Chris and the G-techniq product do not disappoint. A little over a year ago, my car received a new car paint correction, polish, detail and the G-techniq protection. Chris did a phenomenal job … every minute detail on the car was coated and protected (entire car, wheels, wheel barrels, windows, engine cover/plastics, etc). Chris provided valuable advice on maintenance of the coating and free product (c2v3). It is very evident Chris treats his customers’ cars as his own. Attention to detail and quality work is clearly present with Zero Defects. A year later and the coating has held up as expected. No complaints. Chris is still available to answer any questions and very responsive. Great product, great customer service, and great work.

Shasi P 2/2018

Chris does an amazing job and his eye and attention to detail is unsurpassed! I took my 2017 4runner for some ceramic coating work and totally understand why those guys with Exotics trust him. Top notch Expert in his craft!

Darrin S. 9/2017

Chris has done an exceptional job over the years for my entire family of cars and SUVs. Recently, he did the wheels off ceramic coating package on my new SUV, and I’m blown away with the quality of the work and look & feel. Chris takes a lot of passion in his work, is extremely responsive, is trustworthy, and his attention to detail is unparalleled!

Ted K. Jan 3

Chris is top notch. It’s been almost a year and the Cquartz is still holding up strong and my Audi looks better than the day I bought it.

Anoop P. May 2017

Had road tar splattered all over my white Ram 1500. These guys did a bang up job of removing the tar and applying a ceramic coat. Now my truck stays squeaky clean!

Go for the ceramic coat… it’s like rain-x applied to the whole vehicle. Water fly’s off and the dirt and debris slides off without much effort.

Will M. 6/25/2018

I bought a 2012 Ranger Rover, that I brought to Chris for an exterior detail and Ceramic treatment. BEing an older car, there were lots of surface scratches on it. Chris made the look better than new, got a lot of the imperfections out, touched up the paint where there were small chips (I supplied the paint). A VERY honest guy that stands by his work. I’ll never get my cars detailed by anyone else.

We have washed the Range rover since. Bugs and things stuck to the paint just wipe off with ease since the paint treatment. Awesome product.

We just also had him details a 2015 BMW X5 that we are about to sell. It has the white leather interior, and Ive tried to clean the dinginess off the seats…I never could do it. Chris and his team got the car looking Dealer near new. Much better than I expected. Thanks Chris for the great work you do.

He is worth the wait. Keep up the great work!

Chris S. 11/18/2017

Offerings, Quality, Customer Service, Timeliness I feel very fortunate to have chosen South East Mobile Detail for the restoration of the paint on my 2012 Audi. They provided top notch quality work, a reasonable price, and displayed a professional attitude. It was a real pleasure dealing with a company that was so geared towards perfection and customer satisfaction. I will definitely be using them again for the future care of my vehicle, thanks so much for your hard work!

David Bidaman Aug, 2015

I have been involved as a collector of vintage cars for 40 years. My love has been midyear corvettes. Last year I purchased a rare BMW Z8. It needed a serious detailing of the paint. It was well cared for, however the paint had swirls and scratches. I contacted Chris and he came to my house and evaluated the car. I was impressed by his demeanor, his evaluation, his approach and his professionalism. We agreed on a time and fee. He arrived on time and went to work. I have met many “auto detailers” in my many years in this hobby. I can tell you without equivocation, that I have never met anyone that is as good as Chris Kessler. He went beyond my expectations! He is not only a master of technique, infinite detail, but also knowledgeable of products and their application.

Hobbyist share good people. As an enthusiast who loves cars, I can tell anyone reading this that they need not go any further. Hire him, watch him work and admire his results!!!!!!

Steven Z8 Feb 2015

We had our Pathfinder done by Chris today. We have one 5 year old daughter, one large dog and use the Pathfinder to haul pine straw and other material. Have not had the inside cleaned in five years. It was disgusting – now it’s brand new. Chris did an amazing job and his attention to detail was impressive. Will be using him again for my car and my wife’s car. Thanks for a job well done Chris.

Scott Doyle

Fantastic experience. We are getting ready to sell it and wanted it to look its best. Chris showed up at the house and made our car look like new. I would definitely call him again for a detailing job.

Kris Justice

Chris is a wonderful detailer and knows car products extremely well. His background with race cars/racing boats puts him way above others that just “detail”. He took his time and worked hard on my car, even though it was really cold out. I have an older car, and he did a great job in getting it looking great. I am really picky so it is a pleasure to be able to vouch for his excellent workmanship.

A goolge user

After reading a few reviews (all 4 stars and above) of auto detailers, I decided to go with South East Mobile Detail.

All my friends know I am extremely sensitive when it comes to my car. So as expected I was very nervous to call anyone to lay their hands on my car. Needless to say, Chris did an amazing job, he took his time, very meticulous and stayed till really late. I felt really bad since it was so cold outside. I asked if he has any tips to maintain my black car even better. Note my car has no dings or any dents, have never run through those automatic car wash, still someone has put on some fine scratches during the process of hand wash my car.

Theresa H. 2/5/2015

Southeast mobile detail does a very good job.
– Very knowledgeable guy and works with the latest technologies – e.g. nano-coatings, opticoat, windshield coatings etc.
– Very meticulous and careful with your car. He really does take care.
– Spends a good amount of time – does not rush the job at all

Mit P. 2/2/2015

Chris did an AMAZING job spiffing up our car as we prepared to sell it. We bought it from a dealer a few years ago and it didn’t look nearly this good then! Best part – he came to us, so I didn’t have to find a babysitter or anything like that. He was very conscientious, thorough, and experienced. I can’t wait to have him back to help keep our new car looking new!

EJ J. 5/22/2014

Chris did an excellent job on our 05 Honda Accord. We had many scratches from a gas station car wash that had sand on the brushes. Chris was able to get them all out and made the car look great! He did a wonderful job on the interior as well…highly recommended!

Joshua ‎ – Jun 29, 2011

WOW!!! Chris came out and cleaned all three of our cars. He did a phenomenal job! We have two dogs that we carry in our cars that had created a build up of dog hair that needed to be completely cleaned out before the arrival of our new baby. All the cars came out spotless. We were so pleased with how great of a job Chris did! My car looked better after Chris cleaned than when I first bought it. We will definitely be using his services again!

Oct 20, 2010

No Longer Ridin Dirty! Chris did an amazing job with my 2008 Cadillac Escalade. I am always skeptical of just handing the keys to my car over to just anybody, but it was totally worth it! I don’t get my ride detailed as often as I should. It is usually a complete mess, both inside and out, when I call Chris up. He somehow manages to get it back to showroom quality in no time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone!!!

George ‎ – Feb 26, 2010

My 1998 Jaguar is spotless! 🙂 Chris is a wonderful detailer and knows car products extremely well. His background with race cars/racing boats puts him way above others that just “detail”. He took his time and worked hard on my car, even though it was really cold out. I have an older car, and he did a great job in getting it looking great. I am really picky so it is a pleasure to be able to vouch for his excellent workmanship.

Feb 10, 2010

Amazing detailing Not only is Chris professional but is does a wonderful job detailing cars. He has great prices and goes out of his way to work with your schedule. Great guy and will continue to refer him to all my friends and co-workers.

bonnie ‎ – Jan 27, 2010

Best Service Ever I have tried many mobile services and Chris is the best…he was very detailed and did an excellent job. I highly recommend his service to others and will be using him on a regular basis. Paul

Paul ‎ – Jan 22, 2010

Attention to Detail I was very pleased with South East Mobile Detail’s work. I will be calling in the future. For the money, you can’t beat it!!!

Nov 21, 2009