I was contacted over the phone by a new customer who is now considered a friend and a fellow car enthusiast. This customer had spoken to a few of the only other guys in town that are capable of performing such high level of work that he desired & wanted me to come out & take a look & give an estimate. After spending an hour looking over the car & getting to know this fellow enthusiast we talked pricing & scheduling & agreed upon terms.

The car is a very rare BMW Z8 that the owner absolutely loves & wanted it to look the way it deserves. It was recently purchased & is now in the hands of an experienced collector. The Z8 had been well taken care of mechanically but the paint was in serious need of a complete makeover.

So I began the project on a cold winter Saturday morning in the garage of the owner as he could not come to grips leaving his baby in the hands of anyone else. The BMW factory black paint was very stubborn & required an extreme amount of time in the initial compounding stages. There were not only swirls but LOTS of RIDS ( random isolated deep scratches ) that had to be delt with to achieve the absolute perfect paint that the customer desired. This was a very tough car to perfect the paint. It required two additional polishing steps afterwards to gain the desired results. The third step was a final Jeweling step to remove any & all haziness that was left by the heavy polishing involved to remove all defects. There was close to 16 hrs involved in polishing the paint over the course of two days.

After achieving absolute perfection in the paint we wanted to do everything possible to protect the beauty & further enhance the gloss & depth by installing a nano-ceramic paint coating. The coating also provides UV protection, scratch & marring protection, SUPER hydrophobic & self cleaning effect. The coating also acts as a secondary layer of clear coat. If any thing such as defects or marring were to happen they would damage the coating not the actual clear coat underneath. Allowing us to correct the coating & reapply without damaging the clear underneath.

After a total of 20 hrs went into this vehicle the customer could now enjoy his pride & joy the way he & it deserves. Lots of hard work went into this vehicle & I personally enjoyed every moment.

From the Owner:

I have been involved as a collector of vintage cars for 40 years. My love has been midyear corvettes. Last year I purchased a rare BMW Z8. It needed a serious detailing of the paint. It was well cared for, however the paint had swirls and scratches. I contacted chris and he came to my house and evaluated the car. I was impressed by his demeanor, his evaluation, his approach and his professionalism.

We agreed on a time and fee. He arrived on time and went to work. I have met many “auto detailers” in my many years in this hobby. I can tell you without equivocation, that I have never met anyone that is as good as Chris Kessler. He went beyond my expectations! He is not only a master of technique, infinite detail, but also knowledgeable of products and their application.
Hobbyist share good people. As an enthusiast who loves cars, I can tell anyone reading this that they need not go any further.

Hire him, watch him work and admire his results!!!!!!

If someone interested in having their paint corrected would like to contact the owner directly they can reach out to Chris Kessler for the owner of the Z8’s contact

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