1969 Chevelle SS 396


This 1969 Chevelle SS 396 is a matching numbers classic muscle car that is very valuable. The owner of this vehicle absolutely loves this car and would do anything for it. I was actually doing some work for his neighbor when I heard this bad boy start up. I walked over and introduced myself and told him that his car looked great but I could make it look fantastic. He seemed open to the idea of making his car look better so I told him what all I could do & we scheduled an appointment for the following week.

This highly restored classic had been repainted 18 years ago and since then had been very well taken care of but had lots of swirls and some really good “love” marks on it. There was plenty of clear to work with so I got to work. The paint was in pretty good condition & was fairly easy to work with so it didn’t take much to correct most imperfections. A heavy one step correction was performed and followed up with a final jeweling polish to finely finish the semi soft clear on this classic.



Here you can see high speed buffer holograms from when the car was repainted 18 years ago.


Along with the holograms were plenty of swirls.


Here’s the same side of the hood all finished looking flawless and defect free.


Here’s one side of the trunk before being polished. The swirls were very heavy which was really taking away from the beauty of the car.


Here’s the other side that had been polished.




Here’s a shot of the left side of the hood that had been polished with 1 step. You can see that there is still some fine Imperfections that still need to be finessed out with the final jeweling step.


Here’s the result after. Deep gloss and lots of reflections.



This is pure paint perfection. Beautiful gloss, lots of depth, heavy reflection’s and of course a great shine. There was actually a really deep scratch on the right side of the trunk that had to be wet sanded out before we finished this project. Luckily it was able to be removed and now you would never know it was there. The owner couldn’t be happier and will have that new love for this ride again. He attends many shows and local cruise ins so this classic will be able to be proud when it shows in all of it’s glory.