How long does a detail take?

The amount of time a detail takes depends on what package you purchased, the size of your vehicle and the current condition of your vehicle. When you make an appointment we can give you an estimated time frame based on the information you provide.

Will all of the stains in my interior come out?

We do our best to completely remove stains but if it cannot be removed we will do everything we can to make it as unnoticeable as possible. The longer that stains have been on your seats and carpets the tougher it is to completely remove the stain. It will also depend on what caused the stain, as some stains cannot be completely removed.

What are the benefits of frequent detailing services?

Getting your vehicle detailed often helps keep your paint fresh and protected, your interior looking new and can also help keep the value of your vehicle higher! When you go to trade in or sell you vehicle, you will get more if your interior is clean and taken care of and you paint has minimal flaws. Regular detailing will keep your car looking new!